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SAQR KASHMIR General Trading one of the Middle East’s leading importer and exporter of fresh meat and fruits & vegetables, it has expanded to have operations in Dubai, and Pakistan.

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Discover frozen and fresh meats, plus farm-fresh vegetables. Exceptional quality delivered to UAE.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh Beef & Mutton

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Supply The Best Organic Products Since 2017

We supply supermarkets, pre packers, re-exporters and wholesale markets across the UAE. Our clients range from large national brands to smaller independent retailers. We only work with carefully selected growers and farmers that can consistently produce high-quality produce.


Pure, natural meat and veggies.

Fresh & Healthy

Naturally nourishing meat and veggies.

100% Organic

Wholesome, chemical-free meat and veggies.

Our Live Stock

Nature's Vibrant and Healthy Herd.

We import high quality chilled and frozen beef and lamb meat in Dubai UAE. We have long standing relationships with top tier producers and suppliers. Our productsareallHALALcertified.Weprovide promptandprofessionalservicetoourcustomerslocatedacrosstheUAE
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